St Botolph’s Aldgate

St Botolph’s Aldgate is a Church of England parish church in the City of London and also, as it lies outside the line of the city’s former east walls in a part of the East End of London. The full name of the church is St Botolph without Aldgate and Holy Trinity Minories and it is sometimes known simply as Aldgate Church. The current 18th-century church building is made of brick with stone quoins and window casings. The tower is square with an obelisk spire.

The church is open on Mondays to Fridays 9:00am – 3:00pm ; though they are closed on Bank Holidays. The church always participates in Open House London and offers a guided tour and demonstration of bell ring in the tower. You may well be able to purchase a cup of tea from the friendly volunteers here.

Nearest station: Aldgate East and London Fenchurch St.


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